Construction regulations with European requirements for thermal insulation of building facades are being introduced in Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Finance, the new requirements for thermal insulation are set out in DBN V.2.6-33:2018 “Constructions of external walls with facade thermal insulation. Design requirements”, which was published in the official bulletin of the Ministry of Regions on August 30 and will enter into force on December 1, 2018.

Thanks to this, every year Ukrainians will be able to save up to 15% of thermal energy. This will also make it possible to increase the service life of buildings by 15-20%.

“Today, modern technologies and materials for thermal insulation of facades make it possible to significantly save on heating, especially in winter. And it is successfully used in most countries of Europe and many countries of the world. We took this experience as a basis and when updating the DBN on facade thermal insulation, we brought it into line with European requirements for conducting such events,” says Lev Partskhaladze.

The standards apply to the design of external wall structures with facade thermal insulation of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures during new construction, reconstructions and capital repairs (thermal modernization) taking into account the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Construction Products, Buildings and Structures and DBN V.!.2-11- 2008 “Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Energy saving”.

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