The Stolit group of companies unites a number of large national and foreign manufacturers of quality materials and accessories for heat and sound insulation of buildings, manufacturers of plastics and polymers, dry construction mixes, and an extensive distribution network.


The Stolit group of companies is developing dynamically, new members of the group and constant reinvestment in the development of the production base make it possible to provide the end consumer with an increasingly larger and higher-quality set of products and services in the field of energy-saving technologies, and in particular – heat and sound insulation systems based on expanded polystyrene – Stolit.


Styrofoam (styrofoam plates), glue for foam, mineral plasters (white bark beetle, white mutton), silicone plaster (white mutton), glass mesh plaster, paints for interior work and facade paints, grouts, dowels for fastening thermal insulation, corners and profiles.


  • Stolit has been on the market since 1998;
  • Own production;
  • Certified products;
  • Network of official representative offices in Ukraine;
  • Undisputed reputation and trust in the Stolit brand;
  • Own fleet of bulky trucks;
  • Favorable conditions of cooperation;
  • Delivery to the object;
  • Execution of the order within 1 day.


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The history of STOLIT in dates

  • <ul>
    <li>Launching of a workshop for the production of foam plastic in the Rivne region. The capacity of the line allowed processing only five tons of raw materials per month.</li>
  • Creation of Ukrspectechnika LLC. The main areas of activityi: distribution and marketing research of the building materials market.
  • Opening of a trade representative office in Lviv.
  • Opening of a trade representative office in the city of Rivne.
  • <ul>
    <li>Opening of a trade representative office in the city of Kyiv.</li>
  • <ul>
    <li>Opening of a trade representative office in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.</li>
    <li>The beginning of the existing transport fleet is established. Purchase of 5 trunk trucks for the transportation of foam.</li>
  • A decision was made to create the STOLIT trademark.
  • Creation of CENTURIES. The following companies became members of the group of companies:
    • Ukrspetstechnika LLC. Central office in Lviv and sales offices in Kyiv, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. The main areas of activity: management of a group of companies, distribution, market research, transport division, import and sale of raw materials for the production of foam.
    • Isoterm-S LLC. The company’s office is in Rivne, sales offices in Rivne, Ternopil. Main directions: foam production and distribution.
    • Almaplast LLC. The company’s office is in Kharkiv. The main direction is distribution.
    • Trade representative office in Poltava. The main direction is distribution.
  • In the same year, investments were attracted in the form of equipment for the production of foam plastic in the amount of about 0.5 million US dollars.
  • Reinvestment in production facilities. The amount of investments was about 1.5 million USD.
  • At the meeting of the board of the STOLIT group of companies, a decision was made to increase the volume of foam production by 6 times.
  • Commissioning at the industrial base in the Rivne region. production complex for the production of sandwich panels with a capacity of 1 million m2 per year.
  • Launch of the first stage of production of dry construction mixes in the Rivne region. Production of foam adhesives “STOLIT M” and “STOLIT C, mineral plaster і invoiceі. “STOLIT TM”
  • Production of reinforcing glass mesh has begun under the STOLIT brand.
  • Under the brandSTOLIT disstarted production of a dowel for fastening thermal insulation.
  • 3.2 million m2 of facades throughout Ukraine were insulated with STOLIT foam.
  • STOLIT P” (foam-based) and “STOLIT M” facade insulation system (based on mineral plate) passed tests and was certified

  • STOLIT takes the first place in Ukraine in terms of foam production.

  • Transfer of capacities for the production of dry construction mixtures from the Kyiv region to the industrial production base in the Rivne region.

  • Launching of the second foam production line in the Poltava region with a capacity of 100 thousand m3 per year.
  • On the basis of “Almaplast” LLC, a new enterprise “STOLIT – Poltav” LLC was createda
  • Launch of the line for the production of universal primer “STOLIT SG”.
  • Launch of the web service http://stolit.ua, where online visitors can familiarize themselves with the current prices of Stolit products.
  • Expansion of the range of universal primer:

    • Deep penetration primer, 10 l;
    • Universal primer, polymer dispersion (latex) – “ADH”, 10 l;
    • Economic primer, 5 l.
  • Introduction into the production of new Stolit foam brands. Based on a large number of appeals from consumers regarding the possibility of introducing a greater gradation of foam plastic brands into production, the Stolit group of companies has been introducing the following foam plastic brands into production since May 2012, taking into account European experience:

    • Foam plastic PSB-S 15 Stolit;
    • Foam plastic Stolit 25 Universal;
    • Foam plastic Stolit 25 Warm wall;
    • Foam plastic Stolit 25 Euro-standard;
    • Foam plastic PSB-S 25 Stolit;
    • Foam plastic Stolit 35 Facade, floor;
    • Foam plastic Stolit 35 Parking;
    • Foam plastic PSB-S 35 Stolit.
  • The release of the camouflage primer “STOLIT GF” has begun.
  • Launch of the line for the production of dry mixture for reinforcement based on white cement (glue) “STOLIT-S BILA”.

  • Installation of a new, fully automatic block mold at the Stolit plant in Poltava. Improving the quality of foam production.

  • Starting production of structural polymer STOLIT AF plaster (structure: baranek).

  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine implements the “Warm Loans” program, according to which the state compensates the population for up to 30% of heating costs. STOLIT products are fully certified, meet the requirements of this state program, and in this connection, the STOLIT group of companies begins to actively interact with banks participating in the state program.
  • Opening of the second sales representative office in the city of Kyiv. Now we have representative offices on both sides of the capital.
  • Starting production of a mixture for laying wall blocks in winter, which is recommended for use at temperatures up to -5oC.
  • Opening of the second trade representative office in the city of Kharkiv
  • Installation at both plants – Poltava and Rivne – of new cyclic spinners. The main advantage of foamers is that they allow to achieve high accuracy of the weight of foamed granules, which significantly improves the quality of the foam and makes it much more stable in weight.
  • Start of production of new construction mixture “STOLIT L”. In addition to gluing foam, this glue can be used for tiling indoors and laying blocks when building houses.
  • In 2017, the STOLIT group of companies “insulated” more than 850 high-rise buildings.
  • Starting production of adhesive mixture with reinforcing fibers “STOLIT C +”
  • Opening of a new trade representative office in the city of Burshtyn.