In the central part of Lviv, it was forbidden to insulate the facades of buildings

We are talking about architectural monuments and buildings that are more than 90 years old. And this is more than a third of the city.

Yes, the Soviet 5-story building also turned out to be an architectural monument. And if it weren’t for a piece of foam plastic, which the residents of the third floor recently used to insulate the facade of the apartment, then they would not know that they live in a “landmark”.

Residents of another house sewed up foam plastic during the repair of the facade. First of all, they threw money at it when they created the condominium. They are convinced that the building was not damaged, because they insulated it completely.

And the Lviv City Council believes that arbitrary warming can spoil the historical heritage of the city. Therefore, it was forbidden to sheathe with foam not only architectural monuments, but also houses that are more than 90 years old. With the latter, however, exceptions are possible.

“Within the historical area, we need to contact the Department for the Protection of the Historical Environment and ask: can we insulate? Properly insulate the entire building, comprehensively, and later paint it,” says Lilia Onishchenko, head of the Department for the Protection of Historical Monuments of the Lviv City Council.

Violators must remove patchwork insulation from landmarks at their own expense – voluntarily or through court. Dismantling together with the restoration of wall fragments will cost a considerable sum. From 1.5 thousand hryvnias per square meter. And this is if there is no decorative decoration. Otherwise, the price can jump tenfold. And for the restoration of the facade, residents can ask for help from the city budget.

“If the building is in bad condition, create a condominium, then the city is ready to provide funds for its restoration. It is clear that it is quite expensive,” explained Andriy Moskalenko, deputy mayor of Lviv.

Residents will be fined from 1.7 thousand hryvnias, and legal entities – up to 170 thousand hryvnias for unauthorized insulation or repair of the facade of a historic building. The payment of the fine does not release from the obligation to restore the facade, which the city hall will seek again through the court. And those who plan to insulate the house are offered to do it from the inside, that is, within the walls of their own apartment.

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