Thermoblock wall main is a monolithic building block made of hard grades of foam plastic, which is used for erecting straight walls in low-rise construction when concrete solution is poured into the middle of the thermal block. The thickness of the side foam walls in the construction of the block is 50 mm, connected to each other by a polystyrene bridge. The creation of various formats of connections occurs thanks to the ease of working with the thermal block.

Features of thermoblocks:

– “sheet-to-sheet” lock – ensures a reliable connection and the absence of shifts when working with a thermal block. The walls of the house are as easy to build as to assemble “Legos”;
– side lock – an important structural feature of the block to prevent blocks from moving in one row;
– round-shaped jumper – for maximum resistance to block breakage;
– high density ensures the integrity of the structure in the process;
– the geometry is perfected thanks to the automation of production using modern molds


Size, mm 1000x250x250
Wall thickness, mm 50
Styrofoam density PSB-S-25, EPS90


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