Styrofoam “STOLIT EPS 80” has excellent heat-protective and sound-insulating properties. Able to withstand fairly high mechanical loads.


– wall insulation performed by the “light wet” method;

– the ceiling from the inside, made by the “light wet” method;

– floors in residential buildings for private use;

– heated floors;

– plinths, with insulation by the “light wet” method;

– walls below ground level with waterproofing under normal loads;

– floors on soil with a cement screed under normal loads;

– terraces, balconies, garages and entrances.

Physical and mechanical properties:

Thermal conductivity, W/m.K. 0.038
Compressive strength at 10% deformation, kPa, not less 80
Bending strength limit, kPa, not less 125
Water absorption in 24 hours, % by volume, no more 2.0