Styrofoam “STOLIT EPS 30”  is used to insulate walls and roofs inside rigid structures in the absence of environmental influences and mechanical loads.


– wall insulation performed by the “light wet” or “light dry” method;

– filling the walls of a frame house;

– eaves, door frames, lintels and other places where there is a risk of a cold bridge;

– balcony loggias;

– the outer layer of the walls of a frame house;

– for leveling walls under plaster;

– the space between and under the rafters in pitched roofs.

Physical and mechanical properties:

Thermal conductivity, W/m.K. 0.044
Compressive strength at 10% deformation 0.06
Bending strength limit, mPa, not less 0.1
Water absorption in 24 hours, % by volume, no more 3.0