Styrofoam granule “STOLIT” is white, perfectly round balls filled with air, which are made in the process of the primary foaming stage of polystyrene during the production of foam plastic. This material is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals and plants. Therefore, it has found wide application in our life.


– for production of polystyrene concrete;
– insulation of roofs and walls by filling in cavities;
– light heat- and sound-insulating screed for wooden, reinforced concrete and other floors;
– production of frameless furniture (poufs);
– filling of pontoons;
– for decorative purposes;
– as a filler for packaging fragile goods.


– ecological;
– high biostability;
– resistance to temperature changes;
– significant wear resistance and durability;
– the diameter of the balls is within 4-7 mm.


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