Primer “STOLIT GRUND BETON” is a water-dispersion primer on an acrylic base, which contains admixtures of quartz sand, which improves adhesion to the base. This is very important in the case of applying heavy decorative plasters or gluing tiles using the “tile on tile” method. It is used for preliminary treatment of heavy surfaces before applying putty, plaster, paint.

It is especially recommended for smooth, dense surfaces that, due to low absorption, cannot be directly covered with decorative mixtures.


  • ready to use
  • water soluble
  • high coverage
  • environmentally friendly
  • odorless


Technical data:

Dry time at least 8 hours
Resistance to static water at least 24 hours
Vapor permeability not less than 0.04 kg/(m·h·Pa)
Base temperature from +5 °С to +35 °С
Storage period 18 months
Expenses 0.20 – 0.35 kg per 1m2, depending on the degree of absorption of the base