Paint STOLIT EXTRA FASAD is an acrylic paint designed for use inside and outside buildings over mineral bases (brick, concrete, cement-sand, including those previously painted with water-dispersion paints). We recommend using it for painting in external thermal insulation systems with polystyrene insulation.

After drying, the paint creates a coating resistant to weather conditions (rain, wind, sunlight), does not fade and reliably preserves its color. It is used  for the facade of the house, staircases, corridors, foyers, etc.).


Technical data:

Dry time 4-6 hours
Resistance to static water at least 24 hours
Vapor permeability not less than 0.04 kg/m·h·Pa
Base temperature from +5 °С to 35 °С
Storage period 18 months
Expenses 0.375 kg per 1 m2