Glass fiber mesh “STOLIT” is a high-quality fiberglass mesh with good mechanical properties. The outer coating of the grid is resistant to chemical influences. Reliably protects facades from cracks. Reinforcing cells tightly hold the plaster layer against temperature expansion.

  • Glass mesh “Stolit” is characterized by consistently high quality indicators – weight, dimensions.
  • The glass mesh is impregnated with special polymer solutions that provide it with high structural stability.
  • Excellent breaking load performance after complete immersion for 28 days in an aggressive 5% NaOH environment.
  • Excellent performance after tests in an alkaline environment with a pH of 12.5 at elevated temperatures.
  • High breaking load, resistance to climatic aging, damage by harmful microorganisms, etc.
  • Glass mesh “Stolit” ensures the mechanical stability of the coating, increases the thermal resistance of external walls, protects the facade from cracks.
  • All technical parameters meet the requirements of DSTU B V.2.7-56-96 (GOST 10499-95) clause 5.; DSTU GOST 19170-2003 clause 4.7.2


It is used as a reinforcing material in systems of external insulation of buildings, for restoration works, reinforcing cracks in ceilings, walls, gluing ceramic tiles, reinforcing poured floors, etc.


Name Material, weave type,
Hole, mm Weight(±5),
Tensile strength
foundation ducks
Century 145 green alkaline aluminoborosilicate
fiberglass, openwork, 50 m
5 x 5 145 1300 1500
Century 160 green 5 x 5 160 1300 1500


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