Dowel “STOLIT” is used for fixing thermal insulation with a polyamide nail intended for fixing light thermal insulation materials in the form of plates, in particular – polystyrene foam (foam) and heavy mineral wool and glass wool thermal insulation plates, directly to the wall before applying the reinforcing layer and plaster Thanks to the dowels, all layers of insulation are reliably and immovably held in place, giving no chance for cracks to appear on the finish coating of the facade.

  • They are characterized by high quality, exceptional strength of the dowel itself and exceptional strength of the spacer nail, which corresponds to the strength of a dowel with a metal nail;
  • Unlike a metal one, condensation never forms on a polyamide nail;
  • A spacer nail made of polyamide will never shrink its own diameter (unlike a nail made of polyethylene) – therefore, the dowel will never lose its fastening properties;
  • Permissible loads and forces for pulling out dowels offered by “STOLIT” from the wall significantly exceed the accepted standards;
  • The plastic of the dowel sleeve is resistant to large temperature changes (from -50 °C to +80 °C);
  • Dowel plastic is chemically resistant to alkaline media;
  • The peculiarity of dowels is the absence of the effect of “tensile” plastic and the impossibility of the effect of “inverted umbrella”;
  • The special design of the relief of the surface of the “hat” contributes to good adhesion with the adhesive solution;
  • Dowels are safe and easy to install;
  • Meet the requirements of GOST 26998-86.


Dowel: high-quality primary polyethylene;
Nail: fiberglass-reinforced high-strength polyamide.

Size, in mm:
10×90, 10×100, 10×110, 10×120, 10×130, 10×160, 10×180, 10×200.

Scheme of dowel placement on the wall:


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