Block bonding adhesive “STOLIT MP2” is a masonry-glue mixture containing cement, fractionated sand and polymer modifiers. The mixture is intended for thin-layer masonry of external and internal walls made of precisely sized heat-insulating blocks (aerated concrete, foam concrete), perforated ceramic stone or silicate blocks.

High plasticity and adhesion of the adhesive solution to the base ensures strength and monolithic constructions, reduces the thickness of seams to a minimum, which prevents the formation of “cold bridges”.

Execution of works:

The solution is evenly applied to the contact surfaces of the blocks using a 4-10 mm toothed spatula (depends on the accuracy and correctness of the block sizes) or a trowel, inserted into the structure and compacted with a rubber mallet. The position of the block can be adjusted within 3-5 minutes.

Technical data:

Composite mixture of cement, fractionated sand, mineral fillers and polymer modifiers
 Dough Proportions 0.2 l for water per 1 kg of mixture
Working time with ready solution until 2 hours
Base temperature from +5 °С to +30 °С
Time for amendments within 3-5 minutes
Temperature stability from -30 °C to +70 °C
Consumption of the mixture at a seam thickness of 1 mm 1.5 kg/m² for “Stolit MR-2”
Frost resistance at least 50 cycles


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