Аdhesive mixture “STOLIT UNIVERSAL” is used for the insulation of buildings using the “light” method, it is used for gluing polystyrene foam and immersing the reinforcing mesh, arranging a protective layer on heat-insulating materials for further long-term use of the facades of buildings.
The solution has excellent adhesion properties to various bases.

Preparation of adhesive solution:
Add 0.25 l of clean cold water per 1 kg of mixture (or 6.5-7.0 l per 25 kg bag) to the contents of the “STOLIT UNIVERSAL” package, mix intensively until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained. Mix again after 5 minutes. The finished solution must be used within 3 hours.

Technical data:

Composite mixture of cement, mineral fillers and polymer modifiers
Dough proportions 0.25 l for water per 1 kg of mixture
Working time with the finished solution up to 3 hours
Base temperature from +5 °С to +35 °С
Film formation time more than 20 minutes
Time for amendments within 25 minutes
Temperature stability from -30 °C to +70 °C
Expenses 3-5 kg/m2 for “STOLIT UNIVERSAL”