The Ministry of Education and Science is starting the second stage of the competition, in which universities can receive funds to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The total amount of the project is EUR 79 million. This is reported by the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

To participate in the selection, you need to send the questionnaire to the Ministry of Education and Culture by April 15, 2018. The total cost of investment costs for the project proposed by the university must be at least EUR 5 million. As an exception, projects of lower value, but not less than EUR 3 million, may be considered. Project implementation measures must be technically and economically justified.

This project is implemented by the MES together with the European Investment Bank and the Northern Environmental Finance Corporation. The total cost of the “Higher Education of Ukraine” project is 160 million euros.

Detailed information on the terms of the competition is available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The importance of the involvement of Ukrainian higher education institutions in energy efficiency programs was commented on by the leading specialist of “STOLIT” Serhiy Shpak:

“Investing funds in energy efficiency programs of Ukrainian higher education institutions is a very pragmatic step that can give a synergistic effect, since the investments go not only into warm walls, but also into the minds of today’s students. In a few years, they will come to enterprises, institutions, schools and, following the example of their universities, will implement energy efficiency technologies there or teach it to their students.”

He also noted that investments in the energy efficiency of higher education institutions will contribute to the education of a new generation of Ukrainians, who will in practice fight for Ukraine’s energy independence.

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