We have started to implement the international system of marking Stolit brand foam. Therefore, the international marking EPS replaces PSB-S. This is primarily related to the implementation of the national standard DSTU BEN 13163:2012 Building heat-insulating materials from January 1, 2019 Products from expanded polystyrene (EPS). Technical conditions (EN 13163:2008, strong>IDT)”. In this connection, DSTU B V.2.7-8-94 became invalid. The development of this standard was initiated by the “Foam Plastic Manufacturers” Association, of which we are members. This regulatory document clearly defines the rules for polystyrene foam boards and their marking. Detailed information about polystyrene foam brands and their characteristics are given in the table:
Marking of Stolit products Compressive strength at 10% linear deformation, kPa Thermal conductivity λ, W/(m×K) Flexural strength, kPa
EPS S 0.047 50
EPS 30 30 0.044 50
EPS 50 50 0.042 75
EPS 60 60 0.040 100
EPS 60 Black 60 0.032 100
EPS 70 70 0.037 115
EPS 80 80 0.036 125
EPS 120 120 0.034 170
EPS 150 150 0.032 200
During the operation of the outdated DBN, foam plastic had four designation options: PSB-S-15, 25, 35 or 50. The European marking system is more detailed and provides more accurate information for comparison and selection of thermal insulation materials. The new foam labeling begins with the abbreviation EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). > – expanded polystyrene) and ends with a compressive strength index, for example EPS 60. The new DSTU B EN 13163:2012 is included in the “List of national standards, which, when applied, are proof of product compliance with the requirements of the “Technical Regulations for Construction Products, Buildings and Structures” approved by the Ministry of Community Development and Territories of Ukraine. View the “Stolit” foam catalog.
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