How to choose the right facade plaster mesh

When insulating the house with foam plastic followed by applying plaster, the reinforcement process cannot be dispensed with.

For this, a special material is used – a reinforcing plaster mesh.

Depending on the purpose, grids are classified into:

  • ordinary, which are used for the base layer of plaster;
  • reinforced, which are used to reinforce special structures, for example, when insulating the foundation, basement floors, etc.;
  • architectural, which are used for special elements of architecture.

Fiberglass mesh is more often used, the main properties of which are:

  • moisture resistance, resistance to temperature changes;
  • low stretch and deformation rates;
  • high tensile strength;
  • low specific weight, does not burden the structure;
  • resistance to aggressive environments.

All these properties help to significantly improve the quality of thermal insulation, as well as significantly extend the service life of the thermal insulation and decorative layer.

In addition, a fiberglass mesh can be used under ordinary plaster on a wall made of foam blocks. This material is very smooth, so the plaster will not hold on it without reinforcement.

When choosing a facade mesh for plaster, its density must be taken into account, since strength and other important physical characteristics directly depend on its density:

  • up to 90 g/.m.sq. – for interior decoration and painting works;
  • from 90 to 220 g/m.sq. – to strengthen building elements, we recommend using this grid itself in thermal insulation works;
  • more than 220 g/m2. – to strengthen elements of buildings that are subjected to maximum load or located in the ground.

Since the main purpose of the plaster mesh is to create a powerful reinforcing base for further fixation of the entire mass of plaster or another option for finishing the facade of the building on it, its choice should be taken seriously.

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