Fur coat for the house made of flax straw

When flax is crushed to obtain yarn, what remains is straw – the straw. It smells great and is suitable for warming homes. This was proved by a pensioner from Lviv Yuriy Dudykevich, candidate of technical sciences. It is ecological and inexpensive, he claims. In addition, the bonfire does not burn when mixed with lime.

One bucket of lime is needed for four buckets of flax. The external walls of the building are coated with this mixture in a layer of 15 cm. In order for the wall to heat up better and retain heat, it should be equipped with solar collectors, according to the inventor. One collector has already been installed on the balcony.

Using the method of Mr. Yuriy, the building of the Vinnytsia City Hall has already been partially insulated. “Having fully completed the insulation of the walls and the attic, we expect to be able to completely abandon gas,” says Bohdan Shuster, deputy mayor of Vinnyk.

Warming with a bonfire is twice as cheap as conventional methods. One square meter – 400 hryvnias. There is only one minus, as the locals complain – since they insulated themselves with flax, mobile communication has deteriorated

Based on the materials of the NTN channel

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