Due to the lack of thermal insulation of the walls or the use of low-quality materials, a private house loses from 30 to 40% of heat

According to the experts of the National Encyclopedia of Construction ProfiDom.com.ua, up to 50% of heat is lost in a private house through the walls, foundation, roof and other points of heat loss. At the same time, from 30 to 40% – through the walls. To make sure of this, it is enough to conduct a thermogram of an uninsulated house, and you will see with your own eyes the bright sectors on its walls through which heat escapes.

The reason for the loss of heat through the walls may be their poor thermal insulation. This may be due to poor-quality installation, poor processing of joints, violation of technology or the use of poor-quality materials.

The “Stolit” group of companies believe that thermal insulation of a house is a very responsible matter, and therefore it is not worth using low-quality materials.

“In the winter period, heat losses in a private house can many times exceed the amount of money that was saved when buying low-quality energy-saving materials, and with each subsequent winter these losses will grow like a snowball”, – says a leading specialist “Stolit” Serhii Shpak.

For high-quality facade insulation of a one- and two-story building, he recommends “Stolit PSB-S-25” foam, which has a sufficient level of mechanical strength and good thermal protection indicators.

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